The Bridging Pathways Initiative

The "Bridging Pathways: The I/DD Peer Mentoring Initiative"

In partnership with the NC’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, Community Bridges is proud to administer the Bridging Pathways Initiative.

The initiative aims to empower individuals, organizations, and the I/DD system through a blend of comprehensive training, practical internships, and collaborative partnerships. Focused on real-world applications and professional development, this initiative represents a significant step toward inclusivity and empowerment of the I/DD workforce.

The key aspects of the Bridging Pathways Initiative are:

  • People - Empowering Through Training: At its core, Bridging Pathways emphasises the development and empowerment of individuals with I/DD. It achieves this through comprehensive training programs, equipping them with the skills and confidence needed for personal growth and effective peer mentoring.
  • Policy - Strengthening with Consultative Support & Evaluation: Policy forms the backbone of impactful change. Bridging Pathways offers specialised consultative support and rigorous policy evaluation to inform and shape future legislative and regulatory frameworks to support and uplift the I/DD community.
  • Practice - Enriching with Paid Internship Opportunities: Practical experience is crucial. Bridging Pathways offers paid internships and real-world experiences for participants to apply what they have learned. This also allows organisations to experiment with and demonstrate how Peer Mentors can improve the lives of those they support.

The Bridging Pathways initiative is a pioneering effort that offers a holistic approach to developing and growing the utilization of Peer Mentoring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities in North Carolina.

The Spring 2024 Cohort’s classes will begin in May 2025 and 12 - 15 participants will be selected to participate.The training will be virtual, synchronous, cohort-based learning designed to equip participants for peer mentorship effectively.Training will be facilitated by individuals with lived I/DD experience.

  • North Carolina Counsil on Developmental Disabilities
  • NC Department of Health and Human Services
  • Community Bridges

A collaborative initiative between the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, NC’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, and Community Bridges