Provider Agencies & Associations

Provider agencies and associations wear many hats in the service delivery system. They serve advocates, employers, landlords, and visionaries while operating under state and federal compliance.  The changes facing traditional services from the Home and Community Settings Rule to reduced state budgets requires agencies to stretch their resources while still working to ensure services maintain quality, health and safety in addition to being outcome-driven.  To accomplish these things, agencies and associations need access to meaningful data, a stable workforce, and a vision for where their supports will head in the future. Community Bridges is able to support agencies and associations to develop an infrastructure within the complexities of providing services and supports.  Our team understands resource allocation methodology, data mapping and utilization, strategic planning, workforce development, and policy and procedure development.  Our experience with agencies and associations spans a vast array of project scopes allowing us to draw on past experience while developing and proposing innovative solutions to the challenges faced in day-to-day operation.